go hard subies

These are a few of the Subaru’s that have given me inspiration over the years to go hard with my Subies. The fitment and wheel specs on the JUN and Zerosports Imprezas were particularly the ones that stood out to me years ago when I was trying to bring wheel fitment to the Subaru community. I searched through japanese Impreza mags looking for specs on wheels. On occasion the specs would be written out in english. I picked up on that nearly all the Impreza’s at that time were using 17×9.5 +35 wheels with 255 width tires. According to any Subaru forum or wheel expert in the states at that time there was no way that would fit. I saw it over in over in these magazines so I knew for a fact it would. It was no time at all after that wheel fitment his the Subaru community in a big way. I am glad to see things are still going strong, and people aren’t afraid to Go Hard with fitment on or off the track.

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