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SO I was reading on Zilvia and came across this thread posted a few days ago. I’m glad it came up. It’s talking about what drifting has become, what some people want it to be, and what some wish it was. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Drifting for better or worse is super commercialized now. My complaint is with the styling of most of these cars now. Drifting has always been about style. It’s the coolest slowest way around a corner so why not have the best looking car while doing it? On one end of the spectrum you have the Formula D cars that look more and more like Nascar’s and on the other end you have the kids buying S13’s that are completely falling apart and look like junk. I’m still glad that there will always be the few drifting cars that are clean and proper. Anyways read that thread if you are interested, and here’s a pic just cause.

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