Grippy’s garage is in the works as we speak. To start things off in the right direction I desperately needed to go through all of my tools. My parents recently moved to a small beach home, and they had no room for extra garage stuff. My dad gave almost all the tool he’s acquired since he was a young guy racing Pro motorcross. My collection was growing, but this added everything I could ever want. I had to go through it all because there was mutiples upon multiples of certain items. I didn’t really need 45 flat heads if you know what I mean. I condensed it to a modest three tray cart. I think it has everything I could possible need while wrenching on my rides.

Here’s after I went through the first tray of sockets. I got rid of an entire box full of extra sockets.

Here’s everything all organized. I gave the cart some sanding and black paint because it was rusting in some places. You are a much better mechanic if your tools are organized, and you can grab what you need with ease.

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