camaro shock

I got the idea from a member of the E30 forum R3Vlimited to throw Camaro rear shocks on the rear of my E30. It seems simple enough because they are similar standard shock design. There’s three really good things about Camaro shocks on an E30. Number one they are made for a much much heavier car so even the most basic Camaro shock is pretty stiff on an E30. Number two they are a little bit shorter in stroke than the standard E30 shock which is good for lowered vehicles. Number three they are priced great. There is way more options for standard type Camaro shocks than a Euro, sport tuned type of shock you’d typically find for an E30. I went with the KYB gas-a-just which are the best you can get in the KYB line before going to the adjustable ones. They turn out to be stiffer than Bilstein Sports which is perfect for my H&R race springs, and they are only $40 a shock compared to $100 a shock for Bilstein Sports. The rear shock mounts from the E30 shock fit snug on the new Camaro ones with a little grease and a love tap. I had to come up with a way to shim the bolt for the bottom because the Camaro shock is made with a larger hole. I figured I could come up with some kind of pipe or something to cut at Home Depot. I found the perfect little item for $1.50 each after almost running out of options in the store. It’s a threaded metal bit for plumbing purposes. The threads actually made it nice because after pressing it into the rubber bushing on the shock it will keep it firmly in there once bolted in with a washer on each side. The E30 bolt used to fasten the original shock fits snug inside of the piping. Here’s a couple of pics for reference.


  1. paul

    really nice car and post 😉 and im thinking to put the same shocks you did.. but, which model of camaro did you use the rear shocks..??

  2. cmschwenke

    Do you think using KYB (GR2) rear camaro shocks on stock springs would be too stiff? Would it even fir correctly? Car is an 88 325is Currently using KYB GR2 (E30) up front on stock springs. The car is used at RallyX and maybe driven on the street a couple times a week.

  3. Brando

    Hey man, sweet write up. So I am doing this to my 89 cabrio. I already have them installed but i couldnt get the rear mount to fit snug on the top shock post. Im using gr2/excel-g’s, and the mount post is thicker at the bottom. I put 4 fender washers to make up the difference. Then put the mount on. Is this where you say to use some grease and tap it on? Thanks!

    • joshuahooks

      yeah just tap it down… but it will reach a point where it can’t go down anymore. That will be fine. If it can’t moved anymore then it will not move bolted down on your car.

  4. Mickey

    Quick question on the camaro shocks when i use the threaded metal bit, am i suppose to use 2 per shock or just one. Im pretty sure i got the exact one but when i was pressing it in to the housing it does not clear the whole this only goes about 3/4 in?.. im a bit confused – _ -…. please HELP!!!!! and great build!!!

    • joshuahooks

      Only use one per shock. Press it into the middle of the rubber, and once you tighten everything into place the rubber will expand and keep the metal bit tightly in there. Good luck!

  5. Tristan Beauchamp

    Hey I am currently running bilstein sport at the rear with 800lbs spring rate and it is kind of bouncy and I want it to be stiff as f*** to track it! Wich camaro shocks would compensate for the spring rate? Gas-A-Just, AGX..?
    Thanks a lot

    • joshuahooks

      You should go for the AGX. The GR2 was just right for a little bit stiffer than H&R Race. It would probably still be good with GR2, but it would be perfect with AGX if you turned up the dampening on 800lb springs.

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