I’ve been waiting on these new rear wheels for some time now to make it from Asia. They are finally here! I bought the R888’s to mount on them because I knew they would run wide, and I didn’t want too much stretch. The result is near perfect fitment, and you cannot get this car to break loose with these tires. I am in love. Oh btw the wheels are from 6UL/949racing and weigh in at 13.8 pounds.

The car is dirty so more pics will come later on!


  1. Kurt Zimmerman


    Can you provide details on the spacers that you used? I’m running 8″ with 20mm spacer up front and 16mm spacer in the rear. What did you use to make the 9″ work? I was guessing you would need at least 25mm in front.

    • joshuahooks

      Hey Kurt. I needed to run a 25mm to clear the fronts. It’s a tight fit up there. I will be changing the offsets to something lower once I dial in some more camber. For now I like how it sits.

  2. Alex Massignani

    what offset are the rear wheels. And how big are the spacers on the rear (if any). I’m looking at getting some 15×10 0 offset for the rear of mine and I’m just trying to get a picture of how much work ill need to do to the guards.

    • joshuahooks

      The rear offset is +10 which is about the minimum you can do on a 15″ depending on the shock you have. Rear inside clearance gets tight real fast. A zero offset is doable with more fender work for sure.

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