This year has been amazing! I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but you can already feel things creeping up to the end. I was fortunate enough to have several different car platforms this year to mess with. There’s some I was fine with letting go and others that I will probably always miss. The 04 STI will always be one of the best cars I’ve had. There’s something about it that just kept going and going. I don’t think I ever ran a car so hard in my life, and it still never let me down. God knows where that car is now, but I am glad it had an awesome 5 years with me. I’m really open to different types of car platforms, and who knows what the next project will be. I hope at some point to get back into another Subaru though.


  1. Kaeson Thompson

    Hi Josh,

    I have a 2004 STi like yours and would love your advice on fitting some wheels on it. I have ordered a set of ruff R951 wheels, which come in 5×100 with a +38 wheel offset. Will i need to run spacers to make this work? Or will they fit with no issues? If i require spacers then how many milimeters should they be? Also, will I require extended bolts?

    Would really appreciate your feedback on this.

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