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WFC bbq

I threw another wrongfitmentcrew BBQ for the homies on Sunday. It was awesome as usual. We raged all day and wound up at Randy’s Donuts. It was a crazy scene to see 15 people in the same hoodies all talking smack to each other in line haha. Good times!


show time

This weekend is the Canibeat x Hellaflush the Infamous show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I am not big into shows myself, but I wanted to take this opportunity to show off my hard work with the E30. Also my the WrongFitmentCrew decided we would make a strong appearance for a couple shows this year just to show everyone we are still players on the board. The main thing for me is just getting to hang with my best car buds for a day. I’ll have some photos up early next week.

r2 meet

R2 meet

It was a nice Sunday so why not chill out and see some cars?

garage company gathering

After the Ruck Out ruckus meet in Torrance at Alpinestars I told Mark of a big bike rally happening at one of the coolest Cafe Racer shops in Cali and probably the states. When we showed up a couple hundred bikes were there and people were enjoying the company. It was a kind of open house, and it was awesome checking out the shop. It was like a motorcycle museum. I couldn’t believe all of the cool stuff inside. Here’s a few snaps.