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suby stuff

I’ve been taking a break from the Subaru world for a little while now. After I put in a new heavy duty race clutch on my STI last year I told myself I wouldn’t be doing anything for a while to it. I’ve been thinking about what will be the next steps for my car lately. I want to do a few things to the car again. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to go with it right now so I’ve been looking around for a little inspiration. If you ask me there’s nothing better looking than a nicely built track STI with style in mind. I’m hoping to once again step my game up.

Here’s a little inspiration I found. It’s flared and sporting 315’s!

three subies

I decided it was time for a couple of the local WFC guys to have something to do during the week. So what’s better than a Donut on a random night of the week at the best donut spot in LA? I guess you could throw in a few dope Subaru’s to make it a little better.