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cressida update

I’ve managed to get most of the basics out of the way really fast for the Cressida. It’s pretty fun putting together a bunch of random suspension parts that fit and work good. It’s on GC coilovers up front (eibach springs front and rear) and KYB’s all around. The rear KYB’s are for a Camaro. The wheels are just 15×8 -15 Bart racing wheels (steelies). They were dirt cheap, and I had a set of 15″ tires in the garage ready to put on them. I feel like the info I got for the front spring length was wrong because that is maxed out and there is still a little gap. I want to get another inch shorter spring and call it a day!


My little tires came in for the Caddy. It was quite funny seeing all four tires in one reasonably sized box. The fitment turned out perfect as what I was thinking from my original test fit. I am waiting for the rear stuff to ship still. Hopefully I’ll have some complete cars pics around the corner. Also the fenders are not rolled yet in these picks either. I am not sure if I really need a pull or not yet.

spaced out

I ordered up some 10mm spacers for the rear from ECS tuning along with a complete stud conversion kit to make it easier to change wheels on the fly and add up to a 10mm or so spacer if needed. The rear of the E30’s always tucks more if you run the same offsets. I have been planning to get these for a while to make the fitment match up front to back, but I really got them for my new rear wheels which are coming in later this month. The wheels specs are now 15×8 +4 front and -4 rear.


What do you do when you have a pretty lightweight 4 cylinder car and you want to go faster? Well you make it even lighter! The idea is to shed a couple of hundred pounds on the car before changing the rear differential gearing and slight motor tweaks. The car feels a little more peppy now with around 80 pounds of weight shed from the rear trunk of the car. The lightweight battery took off around 30lbs in it self. Which is awesome! Also the tires are a little less height than the tall factory 14 inchers which makes the gearing feel more responsive also.

it worked

I spent a good portion of yesterday wrenching away on project E30. I did a full suspension overhaul, and I also got the car set up for a lower wider offset wheel with fender rolling and pulling. This car is going to be clean and classy but have race car inspiration from Japan and Europe once things are all done. I’ll be getting some more pics up soon.


The wheels and tires are in for project E30, and I’m very happy with how they look. The gun metallic color has so many shades in it depending on the light which is a plus. They are 15×8 +4 with a 205/50/15 Dunlop Direzza DZ101 mounted nicely on them. I test fitted them on the E30. I had to angle the car into the driveway to get the wheel to tuck up since I don’t have the suspension on it yet to get an idea of how it’ll look. As you can see they fit pretty nicely. I’ll need a slight roll to allow them to breathe a little. Then I can start throwing the car around with them on.

15 inches

Small wheels are cool too. I’ve always liked the prices on 15″ tires. I have acquired the taste for big wheels too, but on certain cars small kicks just look right. There’s nothing quite like an old school ride on a low offset wide/little wheel. A skyline wouldn’t be my first pick for some 15’s. As you can see it looks pretty clean, and when you are constantly going sideways you can’t beat $50 a pop tires.