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Many of my friends are going are these days. I was a big time hater to start, but as I have gotten older and take a ton more roadtrips I see that having something that is adjustable anytime you like doesn’t seem so bad. My good friend Andrew has been installing and putting together some of the best Air setups in LA. I feel he is the guy to go to for Air these days. He doesn’t have all the overhead of some of these big name shops, and he probably has more experience.

Here’s pics from our recent BBQ of his WRX and our friend Brian’s WRX.


It’s easy to say Mark Arcenal of Fatlace builds awesome cars. He showed me a little bit ago that he picked up this Q45. It only took a few days more before he was showing me pictures of wheels and parts he has for the car. This car was completed in no time flat for Slammed Society at Formula Drift Long Beach.