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supra detail

I helped my friend towards the end of him detailing his all original Celica/Supra. This was all done with ChemicalGuys products. He’s been on the CG fix before I even knew what it was. Keep in mind this paint is single stage. So there is not an actual clearcoat. Everything paint wise is built into a single stage so you see actual red paint come off when you polish. It gets super dull and pink looking easily. You can see how amazing the CG products worked on this bad boy. This was a 4 hour multi-stage application job. The car needed as many protective coats as it could take. BTW he has T3 coilovers ready to go on soon. Then 15×8/10 -25 will be mounted up. We are hoping it’ll be ready for the Toyota show coming up in the LBC soon.

more detail

I’m trying to get my detailing product collection up to a decent level. So I’ve been picking up a little here and there on the weekends. My old supply of products has pretty much run dry. I’ve started replacing everything with better stuff from Chemical Guys. Pretty soon I’ll be set at least for a while. Here’s a few tubes I picked up on Saturday.

The STI got a refresh also. I stripped the years of old wax off the car and started over with raw paint. Some swirls needed to be removed. So after a little work it turned out like this.