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smashed up

It was a sad day for Grippy’s Garage. The E30 got smashed into by a lady not paying attention in a parking lot. The door is toast. Luckily there is nothing else damaged. The hard part is sourcing a door since they don’t make them anymore. I’ll need to get it painted, and I’ll fit it on myself like I did the other side when I got the car. Projects never end whether you like it or not.

e30 door

I’m loving the progress on my E30 project so far. I was able to throw on the door today that I picked up from another E30 guy for an awesome $40. The clearcoat is missing in some places so I worked at it to get it looking clean enough to rock until new paint. It is 100% better than rocking a banged up door that is for sure.

E30 door

I was lucky enough to have an E30 local message me about a door he would let go for cheap. It is the same color as mine and is straight. It’ll be repainted later on so I didn’t mind the little oxidation it had. For $40 I was amazed that is came with the glass and everything. My passenger door now is a little banged up, and for the amount of bodywork it’ll take I could just have this one painted fresh for way cheaper. Starting off with a fresh panel is always the best option.