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Recaro x Sparco

I finally got the passenger seat in after having it for over a year. I was waiting to get a fixed position driver’s seat first. I wound up with a Sparco and a Recaro, and I totally love it. I also had a clean black suede dash mat made for the car to cover up all the nasty cracks. It looks so much better now inside of the car. I ordered some clean floor mats also since it never had any.

got lip

I’ve been wanting an “IS” lip for the E30 for some time. The only real reason why I didn’t get one yet is because it would only be good for shows and events. It would not survive my driveway or daily driving in my area. I decided to pull the trigger on one, and as I suspected it looks great. I will go back to the “I” lip for daily use, but when you see my car from now on at events it will be rocking the new look.

Bimmerfest 2012

It was the perfect day for Bimmerfest 2012 at the Rose Bowl. It was my first time bringing the E30 out for an event of this sort. Here’s a few of the photos I snapped.

E30 Nardi

The parts I needed for the Nardi steering wheel finally came. I tossed everything on this morning after making a run to Home Depot for some washers. The feel is so much better now. I actually feel safer without a first gen airbag to blow up in my face also. The Momo to Nardi adapter/spacer and the already large Momo hub brought the wheel nice and close to my driving position. It’s a much smoother feel going through the corners now.

Dockweiler meet

Today was the annual E30 Dockweiler’s meet here in LA. I have been looking forward to go to just an E30 specific meet. There’s was plenty of cool E30’s that made it out. It was cool seeing all the different ways people mod their rides. Some of the Turbo’d M20’s had some awesome looking engine bays.


I’ve been waiting on these new rear wheels for some time now to make it from Asia. They are finally here! I bought the R888’s to mount on them because I knew they would run wide, and I didn’t want too much stretch. The result is near perfect fitment, and you cannot get this car to break loose with these tires. I am in love. Oh btw the wheels are from 6UL/949racing and weigh in at 13.8 pounds.

The car is dirty so more pics will come later on!

BMW classics

I went to a local BMW classic car gathering a couple of weekends back. There was plenty of cool BMW’s to look at. I skipped out on putting my E30 in the show, but I am pretty set on having it there next go around.

not for the masses

I spotted this E30 at the Socal Vintage BMW show. It has loads of character which really stood out to me. The wheels are wide 14″ steelies off of an Alpina BMW. The fitment, look, paint, exhaust, and all come together for a different kind of package you don’t typically see on an E30. Anything less and it would be a beater. Anything more and it would just be too clean to look driven.

diff swap

I swapped out the old leaky/loud 4.10 for a new fresh 4.27. I really like this thing!

For those interested I used this link to help with the install. It is a very straight forward swap, but at the same time can be a real pain. The top bolts are in a pretty tight space, and they require a good bit of TQ to break loose even after soaking in WD40 multiple times. A socket wrench doesn’t have enough room to fit in there. A spanner has to be used, but only a standard length will fit which leaves you with a little less pressure than it may take. I eventually used my feet to push on it from the back of the car while holding on to the underside of the car. The other issue is getting all the bolt holes to match up when you install the new one. They are all alligned very well and leave little room for movement. So it’s a balancing act to get the Diff to match up perfectly while you try to thread the bolts in. You’ll eventually get it, but do not be surprised if you are working on that part for longer than you would think.