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36 changes

The E36 turned out to be a car that I really have enjoyed. I really liked how they looked as DTM race cars back when, but I wasn’t a big fan of them for the every day tuner car personally. I have really grown to love these cars, and after experiencing one for myself I know why so many people mod them. It reminds me a lot of the E30 I had, but with the power, chassis, and modern features that make it better. I turned up the modding on the 328i over the recent months and got it pretty much to where I liked it. It was capable on the track, comfortable on the street, and looked good enough to turn a head or two. As of the recent weeks it no longer looks like this. I took off most of the mods so my family in Sacramento area can use it for the time being. The car may come back to me or it may not. I know I will keep the E36 on my list of cars to mod in the future regardless.



a new ride

I forgot to post that I recently picked up an E36. The E30 has been gone for a few months now. My wife was daily driving that, and we were looking for something cool to replace it. This E36 is everything I could ask for. The 328i M52 motor delivers smooth, strong power, and I honestly love the styling of the E36. It feels just like driving an E30, but with more power and newer features.


all white

I try to kick it with my good friend and WFC boss Brian (Lynk) as much as possible despite him living over a hour away. I drove out yesterday to spend some quality time since his Bday was recent. We’ve been buying and working on more and more Euro cars it seems. The different generations of white BMW 3 series cars all parked together was too good not to snap a photo.


Bimmerfest 2012

It was the perfect day for Bimmerfest 2012 at the Rose Bowl. It was my first time bringing the E30 out for an event of this sort. Here’s a few of the photos I snapped.

Sac to LA

I moved my girlfriend down from Sactown this last weekend. I flew in late Thursday and we hustled back late Friday to be back to LA in time for Hellaflush 8 on Saturday morning. I’m glad she’s down here with me all the time now, and we can start working on the project E30 together too! We met up with Kae and Scott half way down on the 5. She drives a slammed E36.

You cannot escape me lowered 370z.

Jenna driving the E30. We switched at the half way point. The gas mileage was good in this 318is.

The morning of HF8 I was on about 3 hours of sleep after flying to Sac then driving back to LA. I met up with some friends so we could roll in together before 7:00am. The day turned out to be awesome. I had so much fun with all the people I rarely get to see.

This was shortly after arriving from a near empty lot to completely busting at the seems.

Me in the purple chilling with some homies and taking loads of pics throughout the day.