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E90 Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new simply because life has been busy, fun, and exciting. In between being out of town many weekends recently I was able to buy some coilovers and wheels/tires for my E90. I spent the entire weekend turning my ride from a stock car to a completely modded daily driver. I wanted to knock everything out at once so I was riding just how I want it for weeks or months to come. I also had a small meet with friends that I wanted to have the car ready for.

I spent hours on hours installing suspension, painting and sanding wheels, and dialing in the ride height, camber and toe to exactly how I wanted. My goal was to have everything sitting just perfectly at the fender so I could still drive it around town sitting low without any issues. Here’s some cell phone pics from along the way, and the finished product at the end.







new daily

I was extremely tired of the Fiat. It was good enough for around town, but it drove me crazy out on my long road trips from LA to Norcal or LA to Vegas. I started looking around for a clean E90 a couple months ago that would be in good shape but easy on the bank still. I was sold after driving my friend’s 2006 325i with 150k miles that still drove like a new BMW. So I will be doing a couple of mods to this of course, but I will be keeping it simple for the most part. Stay tuned!


E30 more lows

I was able to take a little time yesterday to get the E90 spring hats on my E30. They drop the car a little more in front. They are about 10mm’s deeper than the original ones. At $20 for both they are definitely worth it for someone looking to fine tun their ride height. The car is parked on a sloped driveway in the pic, but you can tell the height is down a little from before. I removed the top spring pad in the rear also. So now the car has no spring pads. That’s another way E30 guys fine tune their ride height.