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rounding out 2012

These projects will probably come and go like most of my others, but here’s my different rides for now.

fiat 500 oil

I read up on the Fiat forums on how to do an oil change on the Fiat 500 before I did one myself. From what the write-ups said it looked like it would be the worst oil change ever. Well once I opened the hood and began to wrench I realized quickly there was way too many steps written up. I decided to post a quick pic with a little more info to help anyone that might come this way from searching on the net. You can keep the general idea going from the write-up but the part with removing the airbox to make more room is wrong. You will not gain any room from removing the whole thing since you will still be having to stick a wrench tightly between the motor to get to the oil filter. The front portion of the airbox is made to easily come apart so you can change air filters. It’s three quick screws once you pop off the engine cover and take off the little intake snorkel. You can simple slide it out of the way to the right side, and you will have the same amount of space as before. Obviously the best route would be simply to spend a little extra money if you plan on doing your own oil changes on this car and just get a real long extension for your socket wrench and a u-joint. The way I explained with just removing the front airbox portion simplifies this oil change. Here’s the original oil change link Fiat 500 Oil change DIY.

daily slam

I don’t think I’ve blogged anything about my new gas sipping daily driver. Yup, Grippy got a Fiat. Of course the day I got it I searched for coilovers and ordered a set right away. This isn’t going to be a hardcore project. It’s just going to look nice going from A to B while saving me tons in Gas.