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Sac to LA

I moved my girlfriend down from Sactown this last weekend. I flew in late Thursday and we hustled back late Friday to be back to LA in time for Hellaflush 8 on Saturday morning. I’m glad she’s down here with me all the time now, and we can start working on the project E30 together too! We met up with Kae and Scott half way down on the 5. She drives a slammed E36.

You cannot escape me lowered 370z.

Jenna driving the E30. We switched at the half way point. The gas mileage was good in this 318is.

The morning of HF8 I was on about 3 hours of sleep after flying to Sac then driving back to LA. I met up with some friends so we could roll in together before 7:00am. The day turned out to be awesome. I had so much fun with all the people I rarely get to see.

This was shortly after arriving from a near empty lot to completely busting at the seems.

Me in the purple chilling with some homies and taking loads of pics throughout the day.

HF5 throwback

Here’s a little throwback from last years meet at Venice Beach. I’m excited for this weekend no doubt. So to keep me pumped up I’ve been looking through old photos and videos. The best part is seeing all those faces I only see a couple of times a year. It makes it even better!

meaty flush tuck

Well I told myself I’d work on my car slowly this week in preparation for HF8. I got really inspired last night so I decided today after work just to beast mode and get it all done. The car needed to be brought down some more out of track mode and into hellameatyflushtuck mode. I wanted to color match the front lip also since it was looking rough after getting beat on all winter and hung in my garage for a couple months. After a detail later in the week I think it’ll be ready to roll out to HF8 Venice Beach for a day of cars and sun.

the week of HF8

The week of Hellaflush 8 is upon us. I could only imagen this year to be even crazier. The cars are going to better. The crowd is going to be larger, and the sun is going to be hotter! This is one of those days I look forward to all year. I get to see a load of awesome cars and hang with all of my favorite people. I’m juiced!