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diff swap

I swapped out the old leaky/loud 4.10 for a new fresh 4.27. I really like this thing!

For those interested I used this link to help with the install. It is a very straight forward swap, but at the same time can be a real pain. The top bolts are in a pretty tight space, and they require a good bit of TQ to break loose even after soaking in WD40 multiple times. A socket wrench doesn’t have enough room to fit in there. A spanner has to be used, but only a standard length will fit which leaves you with a little less pressure than it may take. I eventually used my feet to push on it from the back of the car while holding on to the underside of the car. The other issue is getting all the bolt holes to match up when you install the new one. They are all alligned very well and leave little room for movement. So it’s a balancing act to get the Diff to match up perfectly while you try to thread the bolts in. You’ll eventually get it, but do not be surprised if you are working on that part for longer than you would think.

e30 door

I’m loving the progress on my E30 project so far. I was able to throw on the door today that I picked up from another E30 guy for an awesome $40. The clearcoat is missing in some places so I worked at it to get it looking clean enough to rock until new paint. It is 100% better than rocking a banged up door that is for sure.