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illest day out

Sunday was a cool down day after Formula Drift for all of the Fatlace crew. Several of us met up at the Illest store in Little Tokyo for some food and fun. Team Fatlace Pro driver Walker stopped in with his little brother and long time friend Abbitt. He’s the nerd that makes all of those awesome AWFilms videos. Crew photo!

Yogi’s Ruckus was parked in front of the store. You wouldn’t believe how many random people stopped in and asked what it was.

Walker talking Drift technique with us.

This store is pretty cool. It’s all Japanese/American automotive inspired. They sell Ratfink and Mooneyes stuff there!

We grubbed down at some local spot that was healthy and delicious.

A street styled (it was literally on the street) Civic on Advans.

I picked up some new gear while I was there. The new Hellaflush Japan/Fuji stuff is fresh!


There’s big things happening from Mark Arcenal these days. RWB is moving next door the the Fatlace paddock in San Mateo thanks to his efforts to bring them to the states. I hear opening should be some time in October. I’ll definitely be coming out for that in the E30 project. Info here

Osaka Kanjo style

I’ve been following the Osaka tuning scene in Japan for a bit now. There’s so many bold styles that come from this region of Japan that are really cool to me. I really think kanjo style Honda’s are interesting. I can appreciate the love that goes into them, and the willingness to still drive these cars to the extreme.