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vegas 2013

I just sat down back on my couch in LA after what was another great weekend in Vegas. I went out there with some of my best friends and family. The food we had this time was incredible. I managed to break even for the entire weekend after all the money I spent on food, shopping, etc from the little bit of gambling money I won. I am looking forward to staying at the Mirage again. They took awesome care of me! Here’s a quick pic of the view from my room from my cheap pocket camera.


las vegas

I’m fortunate to be taking another trip tomorrow to Vegas. I’ll be there for 4 days which is a perfect amount of Vegas for me. I kind of planned it around hitting up Formula Drift on Saturday, but I really am going to just do all the fun Vegas things.

wustefest LV

Las Vegas and Wustefest was fun as usual. I wasn’t out there for Wuste to be honest. I had a prior trip planned for my new wife and I, and Wuste just happened to be taking place. I didn’t make a day out of it, but it was a must to stop by and snap some pics.


I’m just counting down the days until my next Vegas trip on the 12th. This is going to be our last big deal for the summer, and we are going to make it a good one. I have all sorts of things planned that I want to do, but sometimes the best fun is just rolling with it. I’m pretty sure this will easily be the best trip yet though.

summer stuff

Mark was featured on HBTV’s “Depth of Speed” and as you can see the video came out pretty awesome. I love anything like this that gets me pumped up to continue doing what I enjoy. You can really hear the passion behind his voice. I’m looking forward to all that is happening with Fatlace in the coming months.

No real Cali summer is complete without a Vegas run or two (or three in my case). Living so close to Vegas has really spoiled me. It’s only a few bucks in gas from LA, and you’re there to enjoy Billion dollar resorts and awesome food. If you throw in a little drifting I don’t see how it could get any better. I know this Slammed Society showcase at FD is going to be fun!

Vegas just cause

I made a very random Vegas trip with my girlfriend last weekend. It was one of those “so what do you wanna do?”… “Let’s go to Vegas!” and we were off. I love the place so I will go any chance I can. We just went up for the afternoon and night. I’m coming back next month for an all out trip so this kind of got me juiced for it.


Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for several months now. It was a much needed time away from the daily grind. I got to spend it with some of my favorite people and my favorite girl. We got to eat at some of the best places on the strip. We stayed at my usual spot at the Palazzo which is awesome. I always make sure to get a strip view room. It just makes everything that much better. I definitely could’ve spent another day out there. I’m thinking we’ll make another trip this summer. I went several times last year. I hope I can do the same this year also.