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Many of my friends are going are these days. I was a big time hater to start, but as I have gotten older and take a ton more roadtrips I see that having something that is adjustable anytime you like doesn’t seem so bad. My good friend Andrew has been installing and putting together some of the best Air setups in LA. I feel he is the guy to go to for Air these days. He doesn’t have all the overhead of some of these big name shops, and he probably has more experience.

Here’s pics from our recent BBQ of his WRX and our friend Brian’s WRX.

fender rolling

If you are a Socal car guy that is into wheel fitment then you’ve probably either heard of Tony or seen his E30. He’s rolled and pulled several of the Wrong Fitment Crew’s rides. I always snap a few pic of his ride when he comes out. I don’t know why he’s never rocked a front lip, but I still love it!

illest day out

Sunday was a cool down day after Formula Drift for all of the Fatlace crew. Several of us met up at the Illest store in Little Tokyo for some food and fun. Team Fatlace Pro driver Walker stopped in with his little brother and long time friend Abbitt. He’s the nerd that makes all of those awesome AWFilms videos. Crew photo!

Yogi’s Ruckus was parked in front of the store. You wouldn’t believe how many random people stopped in and asked what it was.

Walker talking Drift technique with us.

This store is pretty cool. It’s all Japanese/American automotive inspired. They sell Ratfink and Mooneyes stuff there!

We grubbed down at some local spot that was healthy and delicious.

A street styled (it was literally on the street) Civic on Advans.

I picked up some new gear while I was there. The new Hellaflush Japan/Fuji stuff is fresh!

illest little tokyo

I went with Tatsuya and my girlfriend the other night to the Wekfest Pre-Meet at Illest LA. There was a number of cool rides floating around Little Tokyo to come to the store. I picked up a Wekfest shirt, and Tatsuya was able to get his custom made Fatlace jacket with “madfix81” on it that Kenny in SF sent down for him. It was a really nice night in downtown.

Sac to LA

I moved my girlfriend down from Sactown this last weekend. I flew in late Thursday and we hustled back late Friday to be back to LA in time for Hellaflush 8 on Saturday morning. I’m glad she’s down here with me all the time now, and we can start working on the project E30 together too! We met up with Kae and Scott half way down on the 5. She drives a slammed E36.

You cannot escape me lowered 370z.

Jenna driving the E30. We switched at the half way point. The gas mileage was good in this 318is.

The morning of HF8 I was on about 3 hours of sleep after flying to Sac then driving back to LA. I met up with some friends so we could roll in together before 7:00am. The day turned out to be awesome. I had so much fun with all the people I rarely get to see.

This was shortly after arriving from a near empty lot to completely busting at the seems.

Me in the purple chilling with some homies and taking loads of pics throughout the day.