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R2 meet

It was a nice Sunday so why not chill out and see some cars?

garage company gathering

After the Ruck Out ruckus meet in Torrance at Alpinestars I told Mark of a big bike rally happening at one of the coolest Cafe Racer shops in Cali and probably the states. When we showed up a couple hundred bikes were there and people were enjoying the company. It was a kind of open house, and it was awesome checking out the shop. It was like a motorcycle museum. I couldn’t believe all of the cool stuff inside. Here’s a few snaps.

Dockweiler meet

Today was the annual E30 Dockweiler’s meet here in LA. I have been looking forward to go to just an E30 specific meet. There’s was plenty of cool E30’s that made it out. It was cool seeing all the different ways people mod their rides. Some of the Turbo’d M20’s had some awesome looking engine bays.

chino hills meet

I went to a meet a little bit out of my way to check out some rides on a Saturday night. There was lots of kids in ricey rides that came out, but there was enough good stuff to look at. I knew the cops would show with all the High Schoolers that were around with subwoofers bumpin so I jetted after a little while. Here’s some pics.

sept gatherings

I’ve been looking forward to another WFC meet for a while now. It’s the best time getting all of the crew together and being stupid. The cars are always on point. This year will be the best yet! WFC Summers End

I’ll be swinging by the weekend before to check out the JCCS 2011 show. This is the best collection of old school JDM rides probably in the states. I love me some old school! JCCS

Hellaflush 8

I’m excited because it’s that time of the year again! Yes, Hellaflush is back at Venice Beach! I’m sure you’ve seen pics from our previous events here so you know you will be missing out if you don’t show. Bring out your fitted car and enjoy the day. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the cars that have undergone changes since last year. I know a ton of people that have geared their cars up especially for this day. Check out the registration and info on Fatlace here.