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36 changes

The E36 turned out to be a car that I really have enjoyed. I really liked how they looked as DTM race cars back when, but I wasn’t a big fan of them for the every day tuner car personally. I have really grown to love these cars, and after experiencing one for myself I know why so many people mod them. It reminds me a lot of the E30 I had, but with the power, chassis, and modern features that make it better. I turned up the modding on the 328i over the recent months and got it pretty much to where I liked it. It was capable on the track, comfortable on the street, and looked good enough to turn a head or two. As of the recent weeks it no longer looks like this. I took off most of the mods so my family in Sacramento area can use it for the time being. The car may come back to me or it may not. I know I will keep the E36 on my list of cars to mod in the future regardless.



E30 Nardi

The parts I needed for the Nardi steering wheel finally came. I tossed everything on this morning after making a run to Home Depot for some washers. The feel is so much better now. I actually feel safer without a first gen airbag to blow up in my face also. The Momo to Nardi adapter/spacer and the already large Momo hub brought the wheel nice and close to my driving position. It’s a much smoother feel going through the corners now.