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random chop

Without bragging or sounding like a prick I am a little tired of how quickly people are to jump on certain bang wangons solely for the purpose of cool factor. I’m all for having nice things, and I think anyone should have what that want so long as they work hard for it. I don’t really care for how many people have jumped on the chopped/bobber/cafe bike thing as of late in efforts to look a little more hardcore. If that is your lifestyle and you genuinely love building and riding bikes then do you. I myself grew up around motorcycles. I was around Harley shops in the Biker gang mecca of Northern Cali all while I was growing up. I built two bikes with my pop before I could drive a car. I was rewiring bikes for my dad’s friends before I could buy a Cig. Just stay true to your roots. If you are really looking to get into some sort of scene then really be apart of it, and don’t over night change your entire look, the way you talk, and everything… it’s fake.

A bike I kept seeing at a local garage. Clean.

garage company gathering

After the Ruck Out ruckus meet in Torrance at Alpinestars I told Mark of a big bike rally happening at one of the coolest Cafe Racer shops in Cali and probably the states. When we showed up a couple hundred bikes were there and people were enjoying the company. It was a kind of open house, and it was awesome checking out the shop. It was like a motorcycle museum. I couldn’t believe all of the cool stuff inside. Here’s a few snaps.