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Pomona swap meet

I checked out the Pomona swap meet this last Sunday. It was a load of fun getting out and just checking out cars I don’t regularly get to see. If I would have brought some cash I would’ve pretty certainly come home with an old ride. Here’s some pics I took. There was something like 4,000 cars there so I obviously couldn’t take pics of them all. I mostly stuck to the Euro stuff.

This bug reminded me of Mark’s old bug.

A pretty rare to see VW Brasilia from Mexico.

This 510 was really clean, and I with a little grippy style it could easily be crazy good.

This 510 Wagon shell was going for $900. It would make a great swap car.

Known as the “wonder” Civic in Japan this was a prime example.

The Porsche’s…

There was tons of VW Bus love going on too.

I’ve never actually seen a BMW Bavaria in person before.

Get LOW!

A flawless old school truck.

You’d look pretty baller in one of these back then or now adays.

I was bugged out in a good way with all the bugs that showed.

This MG Midget was up for $2450 obo.

One super dreamy Ghia.

There was a few squarebacks on hand.

I think this fastback was going for $3500. This was one I would consider.

This is VW!