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hoonigan RWB

I always snap a load of pics when I get to see RWB cars in person. They always have be stuck looking at all the details Nakai puts into them. They are handcrafted and you would expect to see little flaws here and there, but it’s amazing to see that everything is insanely perfect.

daily slam

I don’t think I’ve blogged anything about my new gas sipping daily driver. Yup, Grippy got a Fiat. Of course the day I got it I searched for coilovers and ordered a set right away. This isn’t going to be a hardcore project. It’s just going to look nice going from A to B while saving me tons in Gas.

RWB spotted

I was just chatting with a friend the other day how crazy it would be to see a RWB Porsche just out and about on the highway or normal road. It would stand out like a sore thumb no doubt. Well my dream came true today. I turned on to the freeway and noticed a very white and wide Porsche up ahead. Then I noticed the red wheels and the hoonigan sticker. I knew for sure it was a RWB USA car. I sped up in my STI and right when I caught up with him we passed a Highway patrol car stopped in hiding. Luckily we were able to quickly bring speeds back down to 55. I cruised by him and snapped a pic and gave him a big thumbs up with a smile on my face. These cars are amazing. I’ve seen Mark’s Green RWB in person, and to see one on the streets now is just awesome!

supra detail

I helped my friend towards the end of him detailing his all original Celica/Supra. This was all done with ChemicalGuys products. He’s been on the CG fix before I even knew what it was. Keep in mind this paint is single stage. So there is not an actual clearcoat. Everything paint wise is built into a single stage so you see actual red paint come off when you polish. It gets super dull and pink looking easily. You can see how amazing the CG products worked on this bad boy. This was a 4 hour multi-stage application job. The car needed as many protective coats as it could take. BTW he has T3 coilovers ready to go on soon. Then 15×8/10 -25 will be mounted up. We are hoping it’ll be ready for the Toyota show coming up in the LBC soon.

more porsche

I always scope out the Porsche shop down the street when heading to and from home. They were just opening shop this morning so they were pulling several cars on the street to make room. This Porsche was very cool and could easily be full on Rauh-welt style.