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A friend of mine through Facebook sent me a link to his crew’s lineup for 2011. These guys are all about having a good time. Their cars really express their style, and also show at the same time that drifting is all about having fun (hence the over the top color). These are some passionate Canadians. I did a feature on them on Hellaflush. So check it out! Fatlace.com/Hellaflush – Drift Union 2011

best sound

I’m definitely a Mad Mike fan. His driving style and car styling are what makes Drifting cool to me. I was sad to see that he is not drifting in the USA this year. I chatted with a friend who is with FD about this. He also wanted to see Mike in the states Drifting. I suppose Red Bull in New Zealand thought it better to spend their money on him driving in NZ instead for promotional reasons. I hope he gets the chance to drift in the USA again.