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I like tires

I told my GF today getting new tires was one of my favorite things. She said, “that is really cute!” It’s the truth. I’ve always liked new treads, and I’ve never been one to skimp out when it comes to tires. That’s where the name Grippy comes from. That’s one place I feel that it’s hard to go weak on. I’ve recently been stacking tires for my STI and E30. The STI will be running Dunlop Star Specs, and the E30 is currently on Dunlops and will be running a Toyo R888/R1R combo for track/fun wheels.

nothing much new

I feel like my car is boring at times, but then I’ll see it parked in a lot next to a sea of stock looking cars and think to myself that it still looks pretty cool. On the other hand I am enjoying these Dunlop’s right now. I would like a smaller profile, but I can’t complain about the performance.