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This year has been amazing! I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but you can already feel things creeping up to the end. I was fortunate enough to have several different car platforms this year to mess with. There’s some I was fine with letting go and others that I will probably always miss. The 04 STI will always be one of the best cars I’ve had. There’s something about it that just kept going and going. I don’t think I ever ran a car so hard in my life, and it still never let me down. God knows where that car is now, but I am glad it had an awesome 5 years with me. I’m really open to different types of car platforms, and who knows what the next project will be. I hope at some point to get back into another Subaru though.

R2 meet

It was a nice Sunday so why not chill out and see some cars?


I decided after two years of sitting on the same boring stuff with my STI that I would change some things around. There’s more to come, but I wanted to give my blog and peeps some love.

17×9 +5 front and +12 rear
215/45/17 Potenza RE-11
Chargespeed D-1 oem look wide front fenders
rear fender roll/panel pull
about -3 camber front and rear


I’ve had these 20mm wider Chargespeed D-1 oem style fenders sitting in my kitchen (yeah I know) for a while now, and that my Caddy project is gone I thought it was time to get them ready for paint. They have a huge inner fender lip so the original fender liner can attach to it, but that kind of ruins the purpose of wider fenders if the fender is going to still be in the way of the tires. Also I don’t have but the back portion of the lining anyway. I trimmed the lip of it off, and then after the pictures smoothed them out so they are clean. I’m excited to get these on. I need to find the JDM sidemarkers for them also, but I may just see how much it will cost to shave those. I measure these and they are actually about 1″ wider than even my extremely pulled front fenders. I am going to need to step my wheel game up again!

suby stuff

I’ve been taking a break from the Subaru world for a little while now. After I put in a new heavy duty race clutch on my STI last year I told myself I wouldn’t be doing anything for a while to it. I’ve been thinking about what will be the next steps for my car lately. I want to do a few things to the car again. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to go with it right now so I’ve been looking around for a little inspiration. If you ask me there’s nothing better looking than a nicely built track STI with style in mind. I’m hoping to once again step my game up.

Here’s a little inspiration I found. It’s flared and sporting 315’s!

FD slammed society

This concludes the season of Formula Drift. I made it to a couple of events this year. My plan is to make it around the country next year to several of the Formula Drift events. It was another great year. I’m looking forward to next season!

nice suby

I rarely go on the Subaru forums anymore because they pretty much suck, but when I do check from time to time I find something pretty cool. I haven’t lost complete faith in the community, but I have taken a step back for now and am working on other projects. My STI is still doing just great by the way. Check out this nicely done track going Suby.

mag stance

If you get the chance swing by your local magazine dealer and get the new Super Street. This is one of the best issues I’ve seen in a while. It’s all dedicated with cars that are suited for wheel fitment. A few of my friends have cars featured in this issue. They also do an interview with Mark Arcenal. It’s one of those issues you’ll want to have to look back on years from now.

more detail

I’m trying to get my detailing product collection up to a decent level. So I’ve been picking up a little here and there on the weekends. My old supply of products has pretty much run dry. I’ve started replacing everything with better stuff from Chemical Guys. Pretty soon I’ll be set at least for a while. Here’s a few tubes I picked up on Saturday.

The STI got a refresh also. I stripped the years of old wax off the car and started over with raw paint. Some swirls needed to be removed. So after a little work it turned out like this.