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Hawaii the cars

I’ve been taking my time with posting more pics from Hawaii because I am still getting back on track here in LA. I had such an awesome time out there. I’m hoping to make the trip again soon. Hellaflush Hawaii was such a crazy day. There was something like 3,000 people that came out. I did everything from stage cars to judge the show to collect money for entry fees. It was one of those ultra hectic days that at the end of it all you feel really accomplished.



I’ve had these 20mm wider Chargespeed D-1 oem style fenders sitting in my kitchen (yeah I know) for a while now, and that my Caddy project is gone I thought it was time to get them ready for paint. They have a huge inner fender lip so the original fender liner can attach to it, but that kind of ruins the purpose of wider fenders if the fender is going to still be in the way of the tires. Also I don’t have but the back portion of the lining anyway. I trimmed the lip of it off, and then after the pictures smoothed them out so they are clean. I’m excited to get these on. I need to find the JDM sidemarkers for them also, but I may just see how much it will cost to shave those. I measure these and they are actually about 1″ wider than even my extremely pulled front fenders. I am going to need to step my wheel game up again!