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This year has been amazing! I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but you can already feel things creeping up to the end. I was fortunate enough to have several different car platforms this year to mess with. There’s some I was fine with letting go and others that I will probably always miss. The 04 STI will always be one of the best cars I’ve had. There’s something about it that just kept going and going. I don’t think I ever ran a car so hard in my life, and it still never let me down. God knows where that car is now, but I am glad it had an awesome 5 years with me. I’m really open to different types of car platforms, and who knows what the next project will be. I hope at some point to get back into another Subaru though.

R2 meet

It was a nice Sunday so why not chill out and see some cars?


I decided after two years of sitting on the same boring stuff with my STI that I would change some things around. There’s more to come, but I wanted to give my blog and peeps some love.

17×9 +5 front and +12 rear
215/45/17 Potenza RE-11
Chargespeed D-1 oem look wide front fenders
rear fender roll/panel pull
about -3 camber front and rear

Hawaii the cars

I’ve been taking my time with posting more pics from Hawaii because I am still getting back on track here in LA. I had such an awesome time out there. I’m hoping to make the trip again soon. Hellaflush Hawaii was such a crazy day. There was something like 3,000 people that came out. I did everything from stage cars to judge the show to collect money for entry fees. It was one of those ultra hectic days that at the end of it all you feel really accomplished.


forester wide

A long time ago I started a fitment related thread on Nasioc. It’s long gone now and other threads have since taken over. The hating a whining over stretched tires and such got so out of hand I decided to get a Meaty tire thread going. I love both styles, and on either side there’s people doing it completely wrong or right. I was happy to see this Forester when I checked the Meaty tire thread this morning. He’s fitting 17×10.5’s and 275 width tires. Also you can see the car is getting a complete build inside and out.