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I’ve been waiting on these new rear wheels for some time now to make it from Asia. They are finally here! I bought the R888’s to mount on them because I knew they would run wide, and I didn’t want too much stretch. The result is near perfect fitment, and you cannot get this car to break loose with these tires. I am in love. Oh btw the wheels are from 6UL/949racing and weigh in at 13.8 pounds.

The car is dirty so more pics will come later on!

I like tires

I told my GF today getting new tires was one of my favorite things. She said, “that is really cute!” It’s the truth. I’ve always liked new treads, and I’ve never been one to skimp out when it comes to tires. That’s where the name Grippy comes from. That’s one place I feel that it’s hard to go weak on. I’ve recently been stacking tires for my STI and E30. The STI will be running Dunlop Star Specs, and the E30 is currently on Dunlops and will be running a Toyo R888/R1R combo for track/fun wheels.

suby stuff

I’ve been taking a break from the Subaru world for a little while now. After I put in a new heavy duty race clutch on my STI last year I told myself I wouldn’t be doing anything for a while to it. I’ve been thinking about what will be the next steps for my car lately. I want to do a few things to the car again. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to go with it right now so I’ve been looking around for a little inspiration. If you ask me there’s nothing better looking than a nicely built track STI with style in mind. I’m hoping to once again step my game up.

Here’s a little inspiration I found. It’s flared and sporting 315’s!

nice suby

I rarely go on the Subaru forums anymore because they pretty much suck, but when I do check from time to time I find something pretty cool. I haven’t lost complete faith in the community, but I have taken a step back for now and am working on other projects. My STI is still doing just great by the way. Check out this nicely done track going Suby.

toyo r888

I found a good deal on these on ebay, and I was looking for something that will only be a medium stretch on a 15×10. These will definitely grip hardcore. I am hoping the shoulder isn’t too high. They look tall just from eyeballing them, but I will compare soon. You got to love a 8.5″ width from just a 205.

go hard subies

These are a few of the Subaru’s that have given me inspiration over the years to go hard with my Subies. The fitment and wheel specs on the JUN and Zerosports Imprezas were particularly the ones that stood out to me years ago when I was trying to bring wheel fitment to the Subaru community. I searched through japanese Impreza mags looking for specs on wheels. On occasion the specs would be written out in english. I picked up on that nearly all the Impreza’s at that time were using 17×9.5 +35 wheels with 255 width tires. According to any Subaru forum or wheel expert in the states at that time there was no way that would fit. I saw it over in over in these magazines so I knew for a fact it would. It was no time at all after that wheel fitment his the Subaru community in a big way. I am glad to see things are still going strong, and people aren’t afraid to Go Hard with fitment on or off the track.