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Ben Sopra

At my last visit to the Fatlace Paddock I as able to spend some time looking around at 2012’s projects they worked on. The only thing that sucked is my camera battery died 5 minutes into the whole thing. I was able to snap off a few of the Ben Sopra Skyline they completed for SEMA.


more porsche

I always scope out the Porsche shop down the street when heading to and from home. They were just opening shop this morning so they were pulling several cars on the street to make room. This Porsche was very cool and could easily be full on Rauh-welt style.

Inglewood shops

Coming home from work I pass a few cool shops before turning on my street. There’s a popular cafe racer and old school bike shop that does a load of custom work and fabrication, and also there is a gnarly Porsche shop that I think primarily does body work. I see tons of cool bikes and porsche’s on a regular basis in front of these places. I just happened to have my camera with me today.


This is definitely one of the best looking widebodies I’ve seen on a Subaru. The car looks extra mean with the wider stance, wheels, and tires. The AME wheels are also something you don’t see as often on these cars. I’m hoping to find more info on this particular car, but if not I can enjoy this one photo.