Joshua Hooks
Hello folks! My name’s Josh. I’m a blogger for Fatlace and have been helping with the automotive side of the company since 2002. I currently reside in Southern California and work in Santa Monica. I was born in Charlotte, but I grew up in the SF Bay Area. I’ve surrounded myself with all different kinds of styles and cultures over the years. I love just about anything with wheels. My passion has been cars since I could remember. I started pushing the wheel fitment scene forward through Hellaflush a few years ago, and things have really progressed since then. If I had enough land I’d build a race track in my backyard and let all my buds come over and rip it up with me whenever we could. I’d probably have a skatepark and some dirtjumps there too so I could get down on a bmx bike or skateboard. Other than that I love the ocean, surfing, photography, clothes, shoes, hip hop, music, and videoing. I’m looking forward to getting more pictures and videos together of the things I enjoy to share with you!

Grippy’s Garage
This is simply all the things I love automotive. My personal work and rides that I wrench on out of my garage. The rides outside of my garage that influence me. The people that I surround myself with in this subculture. It is a consortium of my mind with 4 wheels attached to it.

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